Author’s Note: Well, I’ve been getting a few inquiries about Midii Une. Is she a real GW character or not? The answer is definitely , although she did NOT appear in the television series, Midii is an important character in the manga Episode Zero in which she is very closely involved with Trowa. Her most famous quote is “I can’t even tell the one I love that I love them.” The one she loves is Trowa, of course they are only 10 years old at the time, but still. Not even Relena declares her love for Heero out loud like that!

In Endless Waltz Trowa is shown piloting a mobile suit as a young boy, the cross he wears in the flashback was given to him by Midii Une. To investigate further visit or my site,
which includes Episode Zero scans and a link to the translation of Episode Zero. All my stories and those of most authors that use Midii with Trowa, include tons of flashbacks to the time the two of them spent together as children. Episode Zero also reveals that Cathrine Bloom is Trowa’s blood sister, thereby leaving Midii as his only non-yaoi love interest.

Hopefully these fics are sparking some interest in Midii, they seem to be. That’s my lecture for today boys and girls, Arigato! And now the conclusion of Alone/Together . . . except for the epilogue, -_-’ twas running too long as per usual.


by Midii Une

Chapter 11

Wufei glanced up into the sky as a pair of mobile suit carriers blasted past overhead, circling the ruins of the former Alliance base. Damnit, he cursed. Where in hell could Heero be? He had absolutely no clue. Il Ritmo de la Mare, the last place he’d seen him, was deserted in the gray light of dawn and the doors were locked. Wufei merely kicked one of the doors in and entered the quiet room.

He was startled by the staccato, echoing sound of a pair of gun shots from the direction of the cliffside terrace. His dark eyes took in the dangling cable and he peered down below to where the beach had been. It was nothing now but a turbulent, swirling mess of water crashing in white-tipped splashes against the side of the cliff.


“Trowa,” Quatre shouted, peering into the dark vent after his best friend, shining his flashlight downward, the beam hardly making a dent in the inky blackness. It wasn’t like Trowa at all to pull an ill-advised move like that. There had to be an easier, quicker way to get into the Alliance stronghold.

Dorothy tugged on his arm, “Quatre you cannot go down that way,” she said, “you’ll fall straight into a trap.”

Quatre sighed. “How did you get in Dorothy? Did you see the entrance,” he asked.

She shook her head. “It was so dark. I don’t know. But there was a road and some kind of huge overhead door,” she said. They heard the sound of the Preventers mobile suit carriers arriving.

“Alright,” Duo said, eyes lighting up in anticipation of the battle in spite of himself. “It’s time for us to squash these busy little ants before they even know what hit them.”


A whimper escaped Midii’s throat as Mezzo crushed her closer to the wall and his hand lingered on the soft skin over her heart, which was pounding like a scared rabbit’s. Her hand opened and closed futilely as he tightened his grip on her wrist. Her mind raced with thoughts of escape.

“There’s only two things more important to a guy than sex,” Stefan had once said, prepping her for a mission. “Breathing and protecting himself, if you know what I mean. If anybody lays a hand on you take care of those two things and run like hell and never look back. If he touches you I’ll go back later on and make sure the guy never gets back up. Don’t worry about it, you’ll be fine.”

“Please, please don’t,” she begged, tears streaking her dirty cheeks.

“You’re a traitor,” his voice hissed in her ear. “Traitors are not entitled to pity. Did they promise you protection? Promise you’d be safe? You betrayed us and there’s no escaping the penalty.”

“Just kill me, like you killed Stefan,” she whispered softly, her voice catching on the name.

“Begging for death already,” Mezzo asked, the corners of his mouth turning up in a cold smile as his hand traveled down to the hem of her skirt. “You disappoint me, I thought you’d be little tougher to crack Une. Your stuff’s never failed you before has it? The soft voice, the innocent face, the tears?. Got’em every time didn’t you? Luck, not skill, that’s all it ever was for you, from that first failed mission until now. But guess what, you never fooled me, never.”

He pulled back from her a bit and backhanded her across the face. Her head jerked from the blow and her grip on consciousness and reality started to ebb again. Stefan’s words repeated themselves in her head again, from far away. She lifted her head to meet his cold, pale blue gaze. Now, she thought.

Her knee came up hard in his groin and he dropped her wrist in surprise as he groaned in anguish, she rammed her elbow into his windpipe.

She made it as far as the next room before the adrenaline rush faded, she tried to fight against the swimming blackness but she passed out.


“Relena, don’t try to talk,” Heero ordered. Every time she opened her mouth to speak she swallowed more sea water.

“B-but, Heero,” she gasped, ignoring his sensible advice and swallowing another large mouthful of saltwater. Relena’s hair floated on the surface as her head went under as another wave crashed over the two of them. The sea had looked so calm and tranquil when they had been sitting on the beach but the rising tide was rough and full of undercurrents.

Heero pulled her up in a lifeguard hold. He felt strangely calm, as he usually did when in a situation that would usually be very stressful. Hopefully someone had heard the two shots he managed to get off before he was forced to drop his gun into the sea, needing both hands to keep Relena afloat in the turbulent water.

“Just float, I have you,” he said, tightening his grip on her wet body. “Concentrate on the sunrise, or whatever. Just keep still.”

Relena let her body relax and ride on the water. He was right, he was here and there was no reason to be afraid. The sunrise turned the water red and pink and transformed the tips of the waves a glowing white. It was so beautiful. If they lived through this she’d never forget the strange beauty of the sunrise-colored water and the absolute transferal of her life into Heero’s arms.


Midii came awake choking and coughing from a puff of cigarette smoke in her face.

“That was very stupid,” he said as her eyes fluttered open, his voice rasping from his injured windpipe. “Seems like I’m out of commission for the moment so what shall we do to while away the time?”

Midii groaned and tried to sit up but he shoved her back down, keeping a hand on her throat, and blowing another puff of smoke in her face. Mezzo looked at the glowing tip of the cigarette thoughtfully.


He felt like he’d been crawling around in the darkness for hours. Dorothy’s careless words sending him off unthinkingly on the most direct route to Midii’s side. The most direct but probably not the quickest he thought, the trip through the vent giving him time to reconsider what he was doing. He’d made an awful mistake, he should have gone back when he heard Quatre calling after him. Suddenly Trowa heard a heart-rending scream seemingly right below him.

He propped himself against the sides of the vent with his arms, suspending himself in the air momentarily and frowning in concentration before thrusting down against the floor of the vent with his legs crashing through the thin layer of metal and the drop ceiling below it.

“What the hell, is it fucking Super Man coming in to save the day,” Mezzo said sarcastically as pieces of ceiling tile, metal and insulation fluttered down on top of him and Midii and Trowa landed beside them on the floor.


“What’s the matter Yuy? Miss your boat,” Wufei called, peering over the edge of the speedboat he had requisitioned at Heero and Relena bobbing in the water.

Heero narrowed his eyes but they didn’t hold their usual look of single-minded purpose. He guided Relena over to the side of the boat and Wufei pulled her in. Heero grabbed onto the side and vaulted himself in with his characteristic powerful grace, his strength undaunted by an hour of swimming in rough water.

“Well,” Heero asked impatiently. “I saw the carriers. What’s been happening?”

“Damned if I know,” Wufei said. “While you were enjoying your relaxing dip in the ocean I was babysitting Maxwell’s wife, Barton’s sister and some kid who had all the answers.”

“Answers to what,” Relena asked, her teeth chattering slightly. Heero wrapped the blanket more snugly around her.

“That woman’s partner was murdered,” Wufei said. “Maxwell, of course with his dumb luck, led us straight to the body. The kid, his nephew I guess, said something was going down at the old Corsica base so that’s where the others are. Looks to me like they found something.”

“Let’s get over there then,” Heero said quickly.

“Where did you think I was headed,” Wufei snapped in irritation. He was more than ready to finally get some action.

Duo was impatiently hopping from one foot to another waiting for backup before he could go in with his mobile suit. A grin appeared on his face and a mischievous glint lit his violet eyes as the boat pulled up to the deteriorating dock at the base.

“Finally,” he said, failing to hold back a snort of laughter at the dripping state of Heero’s attire.

“I’ll ask later,” Duo said, hastily strapping himself into a Preventers mobile suit. “Right now it’s time for the much-anticipated return of the God of Death. Just be careful with your aim, Trowa ran in there after Trouble and Sally and Quatre went in on foot looking for them. Got it?”

Heero and Wufei rolled their eyes and followed after their excited comrade, leaving Dorothy and a damp Relena together in an uncomfortable silence.


Trowa aimed his gun at Mezzo. “Get away from her,” he said, gesturing with the weapon. Mezzo put his cigarette back in his mouth and raised his hands in an attitude of surrender and backed away.

“I don’t know who the hell you are buddy but you’re in way over your head,” Mezzo said, slowly and carefully lowering a hand to pull the cigarette out of his mouth, his brain frantically trying to come up with a back up plan.

“Just get out of here while you can, she’s not worth saving. Fact is I was just using her as an ashtray,” he grinned maliciously, taking another drag of the cigarette so the tip glowed red hot before dropping it and crushing it underfoot. “There’s nothing lower than a double-crosser, that’s a universally known fact pal.”

“There’s nothing lower than a man who would hurt a woman,” Trowa answered coldly, his eyes as flinty as stone, pulling the trigger and knocking Mezzo back with the blast.

Trowa blinked as the smoke of the shot cleared. His head turned and he went down on his knees, tearing his jacket off and wrapping Midii in it.

“Tr-Trowa,” she whispered, her teeth chattering from fright, cold and pain. “You sh-shouldn’t have c-come here. I--”

“Shhh,” he murmured, gathering her close in his arms. “Of course I came. Midii, I lo--”

She heard a rasping sound in the corner and peeked over Trowa’s shoulder, her eyes widening as the injured Mezzo pulled a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at Trowa.

“No! Watch out,” she screamed, pushing him down on the floor with the last of her strength and burying her head in his chest as two shots rang out.


Hilde looked out the window as the rose and crimson-streaked tints of sunrise appeared over the rooftops of the city.

Duo, she thought, where are you damnit? It had been hours with no word from anyone. She’d fallen asleep for a little while in a chair and she rolled her shoulders and moved her head from side to side to work out the kinks. She’d awoken to the sound of aircraft overhead, she knew the type. It was so familiar from her days with OZ. The planes had been mobile suit carriers.

“Argh,” she groaned, clenching her fists, she couldn’t sit around and wait anymore. Hilde pulled off the silver-gray dress and yanked on a pair of jeans and pulled one of Duo’s t-shirts over her head. She crept out of the room as Cathrine and Anton slept on.

They were going to need all the experienced pilots they could find. The old, familiar thrill of excitement tingled through her body and made her shiver a little in anticipation as she raced down the stairs.


“Trowa,” Quatre shouted as Sally tucked her gun back in the holster on her hip and raced over to the Gundam pilot and the girl who had led them all into this mess in the first place. Well thank God she had, from the looks of this place the Alliance had been on the verge of making a very big comeback.

“Are you two alright,” Sally asked as Trowa sat up, pulling a limp and trembling Midii with him. Sally noticed that her eyes held a glazed, confused look and her skin had a slightly bluish pallor. She beckoned to the medical team she’d brought in with her and Quatre.

“Midii,” Trowa begged, bending over her and stroking her hair comfortingly, holding her eyes with his own. “Just hold on a little longer, stay with me. We have to get you out of here.”

Her clouded blue-gray eyes seemed to focus on his, caught by the sound of his voice.

“Nanashi? . . . Nanashi, why did you save me . . . why?” her slurred voice whispered, a single tear trailing down her face.

A shudder ran through her and her head fell forward against his chest with a soft little plop.

Sally shoved him aside with surprising strength. “Move Trowa, she’s going into shock,” she said, laying Midii flat.

Sally scanned the girl’s condition which appeared to be rapidly deteriorating. Her hand automatically withdrew slightly from her cold clammy skin before the doctor in her set back to work with calm efficiency. No matter what she’d done she wouldn’t let her die. Her information was going to save the world a lot of grief in the end after all. Heero, Duo and Wufei were already hard at work destroying the underground base before the enemy had even been alerted to their presence, explosions sounded in the distance. She pried one of Midii’s lids open with her thumb and chafed her hands over her cold arms.

“Damnit, unresponsive,” Sally muttered, gripping the unconscious girl’s wrist and monitoring the weak, fluttering pulse beat beneath the translucent, delicate skin. The bastard had really done a number on her.

“Are you getting this down,” she spoke to her assistant. “Left arm appears severely sprained, possibly broken; electrical burns upper right chest, second-degree burns on lower right arm. Unresponsive to preliminary treatment for severe shock. No evidence of spinal injury, we have to get her out now or we’re going to lose her, blood pressure’s dropping as we speak.”

At a nod from Sally her assistant carefully started to lift Midii off the floor before Trowa’s hand stopped him. “Let me,” he insisted.

“No Trowa, we need you here. Go with Quatre, take it all out on the enemy, you can’t do anything to help her now,” Sally said, shocked at seeing his emotions painted on his face instead of his usual calm mask. She tried to inject reassurance into her voice. “I promise I’ll do everything I can, once we’re at the hospital she’ll be just fine. You just hurry up and finish things here. We need you.”

Trowa nodded tersely, she was right, he couldn’t do anything. His hand brushed softly against her cold one. “Midii I’ll be there when you wake up. Please pull through this,” he whispered, hoping she heard him in her heart, her frighteningly still face showed nothing at all.


“Awww man, this isn’t much fun. It’s like shooting sitting ducks,” Duo complained, blasting away at the rows of mobile suits. Doing away with the few manned weapons had taken a ridiculously short amount of time.

“Boring, boring, boring!! This really sucks,” Duo continued, yawning. “Ya mean I waited up all night for this?”

His beam saber sliced through rows of idle mobile suits like a hot knife through butter.

Heero’s suit turned slightly as his control panel emitted a frantic beeping. Suddenly a squadron of the enemy mobile suits erupted from underneath the floor, the fluorescent light glinting off their gleaming black titanium armor.

“Kuso,” Heero muttered. “A second level. These were just decoys.”

Wufei’s black eyes gleamed with satisfaction. He hadn’t spoken up to agree with that loudmouthed Maxwell earlier but this kind of battle was much more to his liking. The tightness in his wounded shoulder was completely forgotten as his piloting instincts kicked in full force.

“Well fellas, welcome to HELL,” Duo shouted in greeting to the newcomers. “Hope you enjoy your stay ‘cause it’s gonna be a SHORT ONE!!!”


Sally could see the exit in the distance, the Preventers ambulances, helicopters and remaining mobile suits barely visible to her eye.

“How’s she doing,” she asked her assistant. They didn’t want to move fast and jar her too much.

“Hanging in there Sally,” he said, looking at the girl he held carefully in his arms as if she were a delicate piece of china. “But Christ, she looks just awful.”

“We’re almost there,” Sally pointed out, just as a man stepped out of the shadows.

“General Soixante,” Sally exclaimed, a look of surprise appearing on her face. She knew this man, knew him very well. For many years she had worked under his direction as a member of the EarthSphere Alliance Forces. It came home to her that she and Midii had probably been working side by side on many occasions without her even knowing it.

“Major Sally Po,” the general intoned, instantly recognizing the woman who had been one of the best officers the Alliance had ever boasted of having in its ranks. Her judgement and sense of integrity were admirable.

“You’re behind this,” Sally questioned. She had admired the man once, he had been so much more dignified and fair than that disgusting pig of a man, General Septem.

“I have always been a loyal supporter of the EarthSphere Alliance,” Soixante said. “It was my duty to direct a resurgence.”

“That time is over,” Sally said, trying to reason with the man. “This is nothing but an unnecessary threat to peace. You could have used these resources to do a lot of good for the Earth and the colonies. I don’t understand.”

“You’re too young to understand Major,” the general said. “There is a whole generation of men and women who have been nothing but soldiers. We don’t know any other way to live. War is a way of life for us. Perhaps we’d rather die fighting than live in this world of peace, a world that looks down upon and scorns the soldiers who fought and died in the past.”

“No,” Sally said. “It doesn’t have to be that way.”

“I thank your organization for giving us an honorable final battle,” the general continued, his eyes misting. “Now I will ask you one last favor, Major Po. You were always an impartial woman.”

He pulled out his pistol and aimed it at them. “Let me die here on the front lines. You are the commander of this mission, give me satisfaction.”

A tear streaked Sally’s pale cheek. She had admired him once, she owed him a death in battle. Her slender hand reached for the gun on her hip and she shot him once, through the center of the forehead.

“Damnit,” she screamed. “When will this be over. Will it ever be over?”

She looked at Midii and decided right then and there that she was going to do whatever it took to save her life and set her on the right path.

“Never again,” Sally vowed to herself. “I’ll never lose another former ally like that again. There’s no reason we can’t all adjust to this new way of life. No reason at all.”

A wry smile crossed her face. She wondered what Midii was going to think about becoming her personal project.


The heat was on and Duo was starting to regret his earlier complaints. There were just so damn many of them. They kept surging up from the lower level like an upside down waterfall of mobile suits. They’d already lost a few of the backup pilots and he was starting to get mightily pissed.

“I shoulda kept DeathScythe around. I knew it,” he grumbled to himself. “But noooo, old Quatre says lets send our Gundams to the goddamn sun!”

A Preventers’ mobile suit slashed its way toward him, dispatching the enemy’s neo-Taurus suits with ease. At the other corner of the hangar, on the other side of the gaping hole from which the suits were swarming, explosions erupted in short, quick bursts of bright orange-red.

“I came to see what was keeping you,” a familiar voice sounded over his comm unit. “You’ve been up all night. Aren’t you ready to come to bed yet?”

Duo’s face showed a pleased grin.

“With you next to me baby we’ll be hittin’ those sheets in no time,” he countered. Hilde and Duo stood back to back in their suits and commenced destruction.

On the other side of the hole in the floor Quatre and Trowa were blasting and slashing away from behind as well. Quatre glanced worriedly over at Trowa’s suit. But he soon realized he had no cause to be apprehensive about his best friend’s performance. Trowa was an efficient killing machine, his usual single-mindedness concentrated on getting out of there as quickly as possible.

Thirty minutes later it was all over. The neo-Taurus suits were smoldering heaps of melting, sparking titanium and the survivors were raising their hands in surrender.


“Has she woken up,” Trowa asked Sally, searching her face for an answer to his question.

“No, but that’s to be expected, we had to sedate her rather heavily in order to stabilize her vital signs,” she said, frowning a little. Midii was still restless and agitated despite all the medication they’d pumped into her but they didn’t dare give her anymore.

“We need to talk anyway,” Sally said, trying to gauge Trowa’s state of mind but finding it difficult. His usual mask was back in place again. “I’ve been doing some thinking about Midii’s future. Hopefully you’ll agree to help me.”


A tiny frown creased her brow and one of her fists was clenched on the pale blue hospital blanket. Trowa reached out and tried to gently open her hand but she groaned softly and tightened her grip on the blanket.

“Stefan,” she muttered, trapped by the drugs in a nightmare where he was being shot over and over again.

The other man’s name was like a sharp prick of pain in his heart. What did his death mean to Midii? What had he meant to Midii? A vision of Stefan’s handsome, cocky face arose in Trowa’s memory. He’d been a complete jerk and yet he’d died trying to save her life. Had he loved her? More importantly, had she loved him? Was everything he thought there had been between himself and her all part of some elaborate act on her part? She was more than capable of such a deception, he knew that better than anyone.

His hand reached out to stroke the back of her clenched hand with his fingertips and finally her grip on the blanket loosened and he took her hand in his.

“Trowa,” she murmured, her eyes fluttering open slowly, the fear in them fading to a look of relief. “You’re safe, it’s not a dream.”

She pulled herself up gingerly and he took her carefully in his arms. She cared, he knew she did. He’d seen it in her eyes.

“What’s going to happen now,” she asked, snuggling her head against his shoulder, her hair tickling the curve of his neck.

“Sally has an idea,” Trowa said. “We can’t really just let you off after all that’s happened. I’m sorry Midii.”

“I guess I deserve prison after all the trouble I’ve put everyone through,” Midii said softly, her voice resigned, but her mind beginning to work out the details of a possible escape. She had no intention of going to prison, not even if Trowa thought she deserved it.

He smiled a little at her remark. “It’s not that bad,” he explained. “It’s a sort of parole. You’ll have to meet with Sally once a month and the rest of the time you’ll have to agree to stay on a certain colony.”

“Which colony,” she asked.

“Whichever one I’m on,” Trowa said. “I agreed to keep you out of trouble.”

“That won’t be an easy mission,” she said, a hint of a smile appearing on her face.

“I think I’m up to it,” he answered, cupping her cheek with his hand and kissing her softly.


“Okay guys,” Duo announced, grinning evilly at his comrades. “You know what time it is.”

Heero rolled his eyes in annoyance and looked at his watch, drumming his fingers on the table in an uncharacteristic display of nervousness. He had somewhere important to be and he didn’t dare be late.

“Not this again. Must we go through this every time,” he asked. Duo’s traditional post-mission awards were always stupid and often embarrassing.

“Yep, we do,” Duo said grinning. “And just for complaining you get yours last Heero.”

An almost-growl emerged from Heero’s throat and he peered at his watch again. He decided against complaining, it would only egg Duo on to stall his silly performance even further.

“Okay, we’ll do Quatre first. Cuz’ Quatre, you’re always polite. It’s amazing man, even in the middle of a battle. You’re polite,” Duo said.

“Thanks Duo,” Quatre said in a pleased voice. He was the only one other than Duo that enjoyed the post-mission awards. The other three pilots thought it was outrageous and unnecessary. Quatre knew they needed to act a little crazy at times and let the tension out and Duo was very good at making that happen

Duo handed Quatre a double-padded fencing jacket. Quatre looked at it puzzled.

“What’s this for,” he asked.

“Man, you get the award for bravery in the bedroom,” Duo said. “Sleeping with the chick that stabbed you takes guts! My advice is to keep the jacket handy in case she gets moody.”

“Uh, thanks. I guess,” Quatre said, blushing furiously.

“Okay Wufei, you’re next,” Duo continued, handing the Chinese pilot a bullet-proof vest. “Since Sally told me that Trouble’s gonna be joining our happy little family I gotcha this in case she decides to shoot at you again.”

Wufei didn’t answer and left the vest sitting on the table in front of him untouched.

Duo handed Trowa a big box of candy in the shape of the heart. “This is a first for Trowa,” Duo said, grinning wickedly. “Give him a hand guys. Trowa gets the romantic hero award. I was gonna give you some escape-resistant handcuffs so you don’t lose track of her but Hilde wouldn’t let me. Oh yeah, sorry, I ate all the chocolate cherries outta there too. I got hungry.”

Duo peered under Trowa’s bangs. “Look he’s blushing,” he laughed.

Trowa backhanded Duo and looked at his watch. He wanted to get back to the hospital. Midii was getting out today.

“Hey, no smacking the awards emcee,” Duo scolded Trowa, evading his swat.

“And now for Heero Yuy,” Duo said finally, handing Heero a pair of his and her lifejackets. “One for you and one for the princess. Just so you guys can stay afloat next time you spend the night in the ocean. Nice first date Heero, bet she never forgets that one.”

“Can I leave now,” Heero asked, restraining himself from smiling. He was getting soft.


“Sorry I’m late,” he whispered, taking her in his arms and kissing her softly and with increasing passion as she wrapped her own arms around him tightly.

“You had me a little scared for a minute there,” she teased. “I thought maybe something had come up. Another mission perhaps.”

“Nothing could keep me away. Not even one of Duo’s idiotic awards ceremonies,” he said.

“Speaking of ceremonies we’d better get up to the mayor’s office. This was the last appointment of the day,” she said.

Standing together in a warm patch of afternoon sunlight that glinted on the marble floor, Heero and Relena privately exchanged their wedding vows. The slender gold band he slipped on her finger was cool but warmed instantly from the contact with her skin. She vowed never to take it off.

“You may kiss the bride,” the mayor said.

Heero bent and kissed his wife.


Another nightmare. Cold sweat beaded her forehead and she tossed back and forth restlessly in the hospital bed. She couldn’t scream, she couldn’t move.

Midii sat straight up gasping for breath, her heart racing. She kept dreaming the dream where Trowa came into that alley to save her and died, died just like Stefan. She kept seeing the blood, so much blood and the surprise in his eyes.

She pushed a slender hand through her hair as her heart continued to thump crazily. What could she be thinking? She loved Trowa, loved him more than her own life. Loved him more than her own happiness.

“I can’t do this,” she thought. “I can’t stay here.”

She got dressed, an awkward task with her broken arm. Trowa’s Preventers jacket was still in her closet with her things, she held it close to her for a second, fighting back tears. The she slipped out of the hospital unseen by anyone.

Next time on Alone/Together: Epilogue . . . Can Trowa track Midii down or will he invent a popular CD-rom game entitled “Where in the World is Midii Une?”