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Midii's Updates

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4-25-05--Posted Chapter 5 of Forgive and Forget at Random Acts of Passion.

4-17-05--Posted Chapter 4 of Forgive and Forget at Random Acts of Passion

3-25-05--Posted Chapter 3 of Forgive and Forget at Random Acts of Passion and added a new story, Change of Seasons, to the 3x12 Project. Sorry for the slow updates on this site, Tripod is being rather touchy and doesn't always let me in to my file manager. Stay tuned for updates on Forgive and Forget, a family emergency has made it difficult for me to spend any time writing or brainstorming recently.

3-11-05--Posted Chapter Two of Forgive and Forget on the Random Acts of Passion page. Next update soon, the chapter is in the editing process.

3-7-05--Wow, two updates after two years, must be something in the water! Actually after all that site rebuilding over at The Spy and The Silencer I really got in the mood to do some more writing! So check out the first two parts of Forgive and Forget at Random Acts of Passion. I also hope to have a new chapter of Disease posted soon. Thanks to everyone who has stuck around and encouraged me to write again, apologies for the long post-POR drought -_-;

2-17-05--Hi everyone, it's been ages since I updated Gundam Noir, but I'm hoping some 3xMU fans will visit here still ^_^ Unfortunately The Spy and The Silencer lost its webhost of several years without any notice and is now temporarily down. I have to rebuild it, and you can find the temporary site here:
Temporary Home of The Spy and The Silencer. Thanks everyone and Viva Le Midii and Trowa!!

9-02-03--The Price of Redemption is finally finished. I hope you enjoy it, as for me I'm feeling a bit of a letdown because I've been working on it so very long and now it's over *sniff* Please drop me a comment if you get a chance to read it! Hopefully I'll be back soon with some new stories, including Disease, after the muses enjoy a much-needed vacation.

8-10-03--Surprise!! I'm back again with another Price of Redemption update!! Part Two of the Epilogue is now posted at the Price of Redemption page. The story is really wrapping up now, six pages are already completed for Part Three so look for it soon...!

8-02-03--*blows trumpet* Ack that sounded horrible!! Anyway, Price of Redemption: Epilogue Part One has been posted here at the POR page. Hope to see you soon with the rest of the story. Check out the fanart page for a lovely drawing of Midii as Meride Sauvage from Otherside by the ever-talented Great Saiyagal, my long-time partner in crime ^_~. Don't forget to stop by The Spy and The Silencer for the big 3rd Anniversary Update!!

7-27-03--Seems like whenever it rains this summer it pours and so I'm back with yet another new fic ^_^ Read White Flag my response to a mailing list fanfic challenge by Liewe right here at the 3x12 Project. Stay tuned for that promisedPOR: Epilogue update coming August 1. Also updated the links page with my friend Ami's new Trowa/Midii website Disillusioned. It looks to be quite promising once she gets her content up and after all there can never be enough 3xMU 'shipping. Tell her Midii sent ya ^_~

7-17-03--New Fic!! Please give Otherside a read and let me know your opinion, I'm rather happy with how it turned out and that I've written yet another fic after such a long absence. It's been posted at the 3x12 Project. Before you come after me with lit torches and threats I've got good news about POR: Epilogue, I promise to post an update on August 1, the 3rd Anniversary of The Spy and The Silencer, I've got about half the chapter done and worst-case scenario is I'll just post that first half (gah, this story may really never end, what possessed me to put so many characters in it???? O_o) Also fixed the broken link to Bed of Lies, Part Two and added a new link to Lady Liewe's new site, a Trowa/Midii shrine called Spies and Clowns.

6-01-03--And yet another crack in my case of writer's block emerges!! Check out Chapter 2 of Disease at The 3x12 Project. Hoping to bring you POR: Epilogue soon! (promises, promises...)

5-10-03--Back again with a new fic!!! I'm sorry it isn't POR, but at least I'm writing again so I hope you'll be happy about that. Sometimes when I'm plagued by horrible writer's block I break out into humor and I was totally inspired by Nightheart's great fanfic challenge posted on The Spy and The Silencer ML. So read A Family Affair (or The Tragic Misadventures of Trowa and the Sisters Une) at Random Acts of Passion. Hope to be back soon with POR, I have written out the entire plot, I just need to fill in those blanks that bring the fic to life.

03-02-03--Unfortunately I won't be able to celebrate 03-03-03 as festively as originally planned since I've been very ill practically since the last update :( POR's epilogue is postponed indefinitely as I try to catch up with real life commitments now I'm finally on the mend, sincere apologies to those who are waiting and sending encouragement!! But there is a new award on the awards page from Ami and Rachel and some new Gundam Wing quiz results on the miscellaneous page. Visit The S*S tomorrow for some great fics from authors who are still actually writing, also new Trowa doujinshi scans and new Midii lookalikes!!

January 20, 2003--A belated Happy New Year to all, Happy '03 ///_^ is my motto this year as my sites celebrate the year of my favorite pilot--Trowa Barton '03!!! I've set a goal to finish up POR by 03-03-03, hopefully I'll make it! Until then enjoy two lovely new POR gift arts by The Great Saiyagal and TopazJewel at the Fanart page ^_^

December 22, 2002--Quick repair update. The broken links to the Snog Homepage have been fixed!!

December 20, 2002--Little update ^_^ Added a 'snog ficlet' called Fade to Black to The 3x12 Project. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

November 13, 2002--Fanart update!! Check out Topaz Jewel's beautiful gift art for Insatiable now posted both on the new Insatiable page and at the fanart page! Grand merci Topaz ^_^

October 31, 2002--Back again!! Happy Halloween ^_^ Insatiable, my 2001-2002 Halloween fic is now complete and all thre parts are posted at The 3x12 Project. Horror warning, I really indulged myself this time O_o Also check out The Gundam Pilots' Wives, the 2000 Halloween fic. This story won Best Alternate Reality in the 2001 Mission Anime Contest and is located at Random Acts of Passion.

October 26, 2002--Still working on POR 26: The Epilogue, but I recently got inspired to work on a little something I've had in my 'fic files' for awhile now. Check out Disease, a companion fic to Jaded at The 3x12 Project.

August 2, 2002--The Price of Redemption: Chapter 25 is now up! Also stop by The Spy and The Silencer to celebrate the site's second anniversary. Lots of new fics and new 3xMU fanart.

June 20, 2002--Gundam Noir, formerly Midii Une's Gundam Wing/DBZ Fanfic Base, celebrates two years on the web today ^_^ Although my real life situation has changed drastically in that time I plan to keep the site up and running for as long as there is an interest in Gundam Wing (wah! That's a looooong time!) Updates may not be as frequent but I hope to continue writing when possible. Thanks to everyone who has visited and contributed to the site and I hope you have enjoyed your visits here as much as I've enjoyed creating and maintaining the site. Why not stop by and sign the guestbook!! ~~Midii

June 9, 2002--Fanart Update ^_^ Thanks to Ikari Battousai for a lovely new fanart of Linnea Lang from Technically Gundam Wing.
Note to Ikari: I e-mailed you to thank you for the pic but your box is full. I look forward to seeing more of your work ^_^

June 2, 2002--Good news!! The Price of Redemption has been updated at last!! Read Chapter 24 featuring Dorothy and Quatre's wedding here. Bad news (or not, depending on your point of view) is that I had to add another chapter prior to the Epilogue O_o Your feedback is always appreciated!

May 16, 2002--Due to problems with my gundamwing.org account not delivering my mail please change my e-mail for your records to midii_une03@yahoo.com
If you've sent me something in the last week and gotten no reply please resend!! Also look for a Price of Redemption update before the end of the month, the chapter is in the editing stage ^_^

April 28, 2002--The Miscellaneous page is finally open. Get a Treize dollar if you don't already have one ^_^

April 21, 2002--Added the awards page to the fanfiction section. The Gundam Pilots' Wives, The Undeserving and The First of April all won awards recently at the Mission Anime Fanfiction Contest. ^_^

April 18, 2002--The fanart section is now re-opened ^_^ Many thanks again to all the wonderful artists who have sent gifts for my stories!

April 17, 2002--O_o well, obviously I've changed layouts again, welcome to Gundam Noir!!! I must give credit to Stoic Solitude from the guestbook who wrote me and told me my fics were more like 1950s spy novels than Gundam Wing. I personally think they are both but the opinion gave rise to a neat web page theme I hope everyone will enjoy!! Sign the guestbook and let me know how you like the Fanfic Base's new (and hopefully permanent) look!!!

April 14, 2002--The links page is back up!

March 24, 2002--Thanks to Kikyuu for reporting the broken Ordinary World link ^_^ I just hadn't gotten around to making the page for it yet and didn't think anyone would notice ^^' But today the links to Love is a Battlefield and Ordinary World are now up and working (I hope) and with a special bonus sneak peek at Chapter Four of Ordinary World, enjoy!! Still working on the Miscellaneous and Links pages.

March 22, 2002--Welcome to Last Impression, the new home of my fanfiction!! The Fanfic Base had to be restructured because of the site using too much bandwidth here at Tripod. I hope you like the new, slimmed-down site!! It's pretty much 'just the fics' but I'll slowly be re-adding some favorite features. Please drop me a line if there's something you miss! For now you can find all of the Trowa/Midii fics at The 3x12 Project; Studying Duo and its sequels are stored at Technically Gundam Wing and all other stories at Random Acts of Passion. Miscellaneous section with the Treize dollar and other goodies coming soon as well as the links section. Sign the guestbook and let me know if you like the new look. Sorry for the changes but I think the most important thing is keeping a home for my fics that you can access without finding the site closed, there will still be downtime but hopefully not as much. Midii