Studying Duo
--my first GW fanfic ^_^ In a corruption of Duo's Episode Zero, he meets Linnea Lang, the daughter of one of the Tallgeese team members who assists Professor G in the construction of DeathScythe. Duo and Linnea form a bond that will last through the war and beyond.

Returning Favors
--Part Two in the Technically Gundam Wing arc. Linnea is captured by OZ but destroys the specs for DeathScythe first. She escapes and is rescued by one of the Gundam pilots, eventually reuniting with Duo. Later Linnea helps Treize build Epyon from plans she has seen of Wing Zero while hiding withQuatre and Duo in the desert. She means to destroy the data but circumstances prevent her good intentions.

Love is a Battlefield
--Part Three in the Technically Gundam Wing arc. Confused by the whims of war Linnea joins the Treize Faction and ends up working against the Gundam pilots when the Eve Wars come to a head.

Ordinary World
--Concluding segment of the Technically Gundam Wing arc. Peace doesn't last long and after putting off a relationship with Quatre Linnea becomes embroiled in a new plot against peace. (in progress)

TGW Side Arc Stories

The (kinda) Great Romance Debates
--humor fic dealing with original characters, GW romance, the GW narrator, Treize's hot tub and Lt. Noin's disco for young and restless soldiers. Completely insane, rated PG-13

the zero manifestation
--Rated NC-17, not really graphic but very bizarre sidefic examining the effects of the ZERO system on its pilots as the wreckage of Epyon circles the Earth. Really, really weird!

There's No Such Thing as an Ordinary Love
by Nikhya
--(broken link repaired 11-22-02) an alternate ending to the Technically Gundam Wing arc by my friend Nikki-chan!! Rated PG

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