(fiction in one part--usually--dealing with various pairings)

Forgive and Forget

--In the 1890s a group of European nobles travel to Europe seeking treasure and romance. Alternate Universe, 4xR, 3xMU. In progress. Rated PG
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A Family Affair
--A response to Nightheart's S*S ML Fanfiction Challenge!  A romantic farce from Trowa's POV, comedy ensues when Midii crashes a party celebrating Trowa's engagement to Lady Une.  Rated R for sexual implications and off-color humor.  Parodies GW cliches. Pairings: 3xMU/ 3x11

A Corner of Her Heart

--At Heero and Relena's wedding Dorothy and Milliardo share a tender moment and recall the passion they shared on Libra. Rated R for sexual situations (mild lime) Pairings: 6xD, mention of 1xR and 6x9

New Year's Kiss
--On New Year's Eve AC 196 Dorothy meets Lady Une's cousin Midii, a girl who seems to share her apprehensions for the future and regrets about the past. Rated PG Pairings: 4xD, 3xMU, 2xH

The Gundam Pilots' Wives
--Halloween 2000 fic, in an alternate universe the G-Pilots take a mission to space only to return to their wives as very different men. Rated R for sexual situations, angst and death. Pairings: 3xMU, 1xR, 2xH, 4xD and 5xS  Winner of the 2001 Mission Anime Contest--Best Gundam Wing Alternate Reality

Christmas Past--Christmas Present
--Christmas 2000 fic. Trowa pulls Christmas Eve duty at Preventers but a glitch in the computer system seems to portend trouble. Meanwhile Quatre and Dorothy are expecting and Duo and Hilde plan a night of romance after their party guests leave. Rated R for sexual situations. Pairings: 3xMU, 2xH, 4xD and 1xR

Christmas Past--Christmas Present 2
--Christmas 2001 fic. Midii's obsession with her new baby has Trowa feeling left out. Can the others convince them that they really do belong together? Meanwhile all Hilde wants is a baby for Christmas but Trowa and Midii's troubles have Duo running scared. Rated R for sexual situations. Pairings: 3xMU, 2xH, 4xD, 1xR, 5xS and Abdul x Cathrine

A Woman Alone, The Strength Within
--Relena recalls her potential romance with a lost warrior. Rated PG Pairing: 5xR, challenge fic

Paradise By the Dashboard (err Cockpit) Light
--(songfic: artist Meat Loaf) As Duo prepares to send his old buddy DeathScythe to the sun Hilde decides this is the perfect time to tempt Duo to go all the way! Rated NC-17 for gratuitous and graphic sexual situations Pairing: 2xH

How Do I Get You Alone?
--(songfic: artist Heart) Noin spends a lonely night at the Lake Victoria Academy while Zechs is away on a training mission, she ponders their relationship and her love for the enigmatic military student. Co-Winner of the ZxN/6x9 2000 Fic Contest in the songfic category!! Rated PG Pairing: 6x9

The Secret Romance of Heero Yuy
--The Gundam Pilot takes a yearly pilgrimage to a cemetery in Marseilles and there finds love and happiness.

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