--the reappearance of Midii Une from Trowa's Episode Zero manga involves the Gundam pilots in a new adventure of romance and espionage. Rated R for sexual situations, language and violence

The Price of Redemption
--sequel to Alone/Together; Sally's attempt to help Midii earn Trowa's trust has disastrous results when the mission involves former Alliance spy Richard Ichiban. Rated R for sexual situations, language and violence.

Time to Remember
--prior to Endless Waltz Trowa reflects on his deep feelings for Cathrine and has vague memories of a mysterious girl who had an important influence on his future as a Gundam pilot. Rated G

In a Single Night
--suffering from amnesia following the Vayeate explosion Trowa meets someone from his past. Rated R for violence, sexual situations

This Time Forever
--Trowa and Midii's tragic story has roots in past lives, will they be able to make this new relationship the one that lasts forever? Rated R for violence, sexual situations

As Long As You Love Me
--(songfic: artist-Backstreet Boys) Trowa volunteers for a mission that will reunite him with Midii Une, the girl who betrayed his mercenary unit many years before. Rated R for sexual situations

Triangle of Betrayal
--Sidefic to Liewe's Circle of Betrayal, confused about her feelings Midii alienates Trowa only to end up having a one-night stand with Quatre. Rated R for sexual situations.

The Undeserving
--After nearly 20 years apart Trowa and Relena make one last attempt to convince Midii and Heero that they are deserving of love and happiness. Rated R for violence, sexual situations  Winner of the 2001 Mission Anime Contest--Best Gundam Wing One-Shot

These Dreams
--(songfic: artist-Heart) Midii has forgotten her past but haunting dreams urge her to return to the jungles of South America and find what she has lost. Rated G

On My Own
--(songfic from the musical Les Miserables) Memories of Trowa prompt Midii to look for him but when she finds him it appears he has already found someone else to love. Rated G

Codename: Psyche
--written with The Mistress of Death. After seeing Trowa at a Valentine's Party Midii's obsession with the handsome pilot has her spying on a sleeping god. What will happen when he wakes up? Rated NC-17 for graphic sexual fantasy

The First of April
--During the war of AC 195 Trowa finds himself fighting his feelings for the pilot of the Gundam Sandrock. But is that pilot really the peace-loving Quatre Raberba Winner? Rated PG, violence, hints of shonen-ai, shojo-ai  Winner of the 2001 Mission Anime Contest--Best Gundam Wing Multi-Part

Au Revoir
--Sequel to The First of April, after the Mariemaia War Trowa travels to the desert to find Madiyah. Rated NC-17, graphic sexual situations

--(songfic: artist-Aerosmith) Trowa catches Midii up to her old tricks yet this time he's willing to forgive, but are his promises of love and peace ill-timed? Rated R for violence, sexual situations

--companion fic to Jaded; Midii's disappearance complicates Trowa's life and the Preventer Agency becomes embroiled in the 'Roanoke Mission.' Rated R for violence, language, sexual situations (in progress, expect less than 10 chapters)
Prologue/Chapter One  Chapter Two

The Metro
--(songfic: artist-Berlin) Midii regrets her last meeting with Trowa in a world that once again is mired in the horrors of war. Rated PG, violence, hints of sexual situations

Bed of Lies, Part 1 and 2
--written with Maria Rocket. Midii needs Trowa's love desperately but he feels the same for Quatre. Five years later when Quatre at last meets Midii his feelings of guilt and compassion for Trowa's tragic ex-lover lead to a disastrous tangle of lies and deception. Rated NC-17 for yaoi and het sexual situations and major angst

--a desperate wish made in a cemetery has unexpected and frightening results. Completed for Halloween 2002. Rated R for violence, blood, death, angst and HORROR!!! Pairings 3xMU, 2xCB

Fade to Black
-- Ficlet written for the '101 Ways to Snog on the Way to a Colony' fanfiction challenge.  This is Snog #59, the 3xMU version, rated PG.  For all the snogs visit: (a snog is a passionate kiss ^_~)

--While infiltrating a rebel encampment years after the war Trowa finds himself reliving the events of  Episode Zero.  Rated R for angst and a twist of lime. Complete

White Flag
--Challenge Fic (songfic: artist--Dido) Trowa gets caught up in the mysterious past of a cynical lounge singer who seems to want nothing to do with him. Rated PG-13, sexual innuendo, violence. Complete

NEW!! Change of Seasons
--An attempt at how the series might portray a meeting between Trowa and Midii in the year AC 205. Inspired by the 10th Annivesary of Gundam Wing. Rated G.

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